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Regardless of whether your water problem relates to your basement or crawl space, one factor that must be evaluated is where is the water coming from. Our first step is to identify if the problem stems from landscaping, roof runoff or other problems such as high water table or underground springs.

Basement Waterproofing РSome Factors to Consider 

  1. Is the landscaping directing water away from your home’s basement foundation or funneling water towards your crawl space or basement?
  2. Are water problems due to rainwater discharge from rain gutters too close to your home’s foundation? We recommend at least 4′ distance from your foundation.
  3. Are your rain gutters properly sized to handle the roof area square footage or does water cascade from the rain gutters in heavy downpours?
  4. Are your rain gutters clogged preventing proper discharge through downspouts and causing overflows?

These are just some of the items we check to determine the source of the water intrusion into your basement or crawl space. After the source of the problem is identified, we come up with a game plan to provide a waterproof basement. It may just involve some minor landscaping changes, possibly a yard drainage plan to better funnel the rain gutter water away from your home. It may require external waterproofing of the basement wall and/or replacing clogged drain tiles. Possibly interior drainage like a French drain incorporating a sump pump or just an coating of a sealant to prevent cinder block syneresis. Waterproofing basements is what we do -whatever the problem we can fix it. After 20+ years of on-the-job experience there just isn’t anything that we have not encountered and fixed.

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