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Mold Removal In Monroe, Mint Hill and Stallings NC

House related fungi in Monroe NC can be generally classified into two groups … Mildew or those that exist on the surface of wood surfaces and Molds attach to the affected materials with microscopic filaments that penetrate into the wood. Dry rot, another fungi similar to mold, is particularly destructive as it breaks down the cellulose and hemicellulose of wood, components that give wood it’s strength.

Since we know that all the fungi types require moisture to grow, that was our first step at controlling fungi growth. GFS experts, in the initial evaluation will identify the source of moisture and make recommendations on moisture control. Molds/Mildew/Dry rot (brown rot) need wood moisture contents in the range of 28-30% and high relative humidity in order to produce spores. Once those conditions are controlled we can start removing the fungi from the crawl space structural components.


Most people only clean with disinfectants. Addressing only surface soil load Oxy Power cleans beyond the soil load and accomplishes Total Source removal leaving behind a contaminant free surface. Mold in organic contamination can be both visible and invisible to the naked eye. Our system takes this into consideration by beginning the cleaning process with OxyPrep and OxyPar which foams on contact with contaminants to provide visual identification of the problem and allows us to clean and restore the structural services in the basement or crawlspace completely. Once the cleaning step is complete, we will measure moisture content within the structural services to determine when the surface protection can begin.

1 ) Identify all areas where mold is visibly present and identify wooden structural components that need to be removed do to wood decay.

2) Proceed to remove decayed wood in need of replacing

3) Application of OxyPrep, allow to sit on wood for several minutes then …

4) Apply OxyPar … allow to foam which helps bring residual organics to the surface

5) Wipe off wooden surface


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