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Atmox – Crawlspace Moisture Control in Charlotte & Mooresville

For years, the prevailing philosophy to deal with crawl space moisture problems has been either to ventilate the area to flush out the humid air or to fully enclose the area to prevent moisture from entering the crawl space. Neither procedure represents the best alternative since both have major drawbacks. The problem is being able to control the moisture content in the crawl space area. We now have a system that addresses the need to control the moisture content in the crawl space area that makes sense … the Atmox System and the certified installation professional to install the system so it works flawlessly.

The Atmox moisture control system provides a integrated system to control moisture in the crawl space by monitoring dew points using  sensors. The heart of the system is the controller which takes temperature and humidity readings from sensors located inside the crawl space and  outside and calculates dew point readings. The system turns on ventilation fans only when the outside air is drier than the crawlspace, consequently helping to control inside humidity levels.


The heart of the Atmox system is the controller that takes sensor readings from inside the crawl space and from the outside then compares the dew points to allow only drier air to be introduced by control fans.


Designed for every situation, Atmox fans are available to efficiently move air – controlling incoming air  and circulating air through dead air spaces to effectively controll the crawl space humidity.

The beauty of the Atmox System is the components that can be added to adapt to every crawl space condition. The system is powered by  low voltage DC consequently the need for an electrician is eliminated and the system is easily installed.

If you are plagued with crawl space problems – moldy floor joists, earthy/ musty smells, buckled or cupped hardwood floors or members of your family are suffering from allergies or asthma due to your home’s poor air quality – call  (704) 989-8219 for your FREE crawl space evaluation.