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Mint Hill NC

Mint Hill NC is only a short 20 minute drive from Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions. The town of Mint Hill is located split in Mecklenberg and Union counties and borders Cabarrus county. The town itself is quaint and has all the charm of the Old South hospitality but is ideally located close to Interstate 45 for quick access to Charlotte and surrounding counties. You can step into the past by visiting Carl J McEwen Historical Village to see the Doctor’s office and even a gold assayers office.

CCSS Services Available in Mint Hill NC

At CCSS, we take pride in offering Mint Hill residents and businesses our personalized services. As a family-run business with decades of experience dealing with crawl spaces, basements, foundations, mold, odors, and other home issues, we’ve got you covered! As an business located in Union County, we are proud to be an independent home services contractor  in a business  environment dominated by franchise dealerships that dictate problem resolutions based on commission sales representatives with limited knowledge of crawlspace and basement structural dynamics.


If you’re a residential home or commercial business in Mint Hill, you can be sure that you have professional, family-run crawl space repair experts just a phone call away. We’ve got more than 30 years of experience on the job, and we back up our work with a lifetime guarantee for materials and workmanship. Most crawl space issues can be fixed quickly and easily! We offer crawl space encapsulation, vapor barrier installation, dehumidifier installation, moisture control with our ATMOX system, interior crawl space french drains, and mold and odor control. Give us a call for a free problem analysis and suggested plan – no strings attached!


Have a wet, musty, earthy smelling Mint Hill basement? We can help! Our family run business offers complete basement and crawl space waterproofing solutions at affordable prices – without having to worry about upper management mandates like the franchise companies have. For each job, we customize the solution to solve the problem at hand. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions that will last. That could mean applying waterproof coatings outside, or interior coatings, plus maybe a French drain and sump pump. With over 30+ years of on-the-job experience we know what works and we know that you, the customer, need to be 100% SATIFIED with our work. We are proud of our continued 5 star ratings. Call for your FREE problem evaluation and quote.


Foundation issues can have a marked impact on the structural integrity and appraised value of a Mint Hill residence. In many cases, these issues can be attributed to the effects of moisture and soil composition, particularly in clay-based soils. The telltale signs of foundation problems are chimneys pulling away from the house, drywall cracks, cracks in the exterior brick veneer, sticking doors, or soft spongy sloping floors and cement block cracks either horizontal or vertical. If you see any of these in your home, please call us for a FREE problem evaluation. These types of problems only get worse with time which will cost you more money to remedy. Call us so you can know for sure and give yourself peace of mind knowing if you really have a structural foundation problem.


It is of utmost importance to ensure the health of your family by eliminating mold in your basement or crawl space. Our Mint Hill projects specialize in mold removal and clean up, knowing that up to 40% of the air in your home’s living area is sourced from these areas due to the “Stack Effect“. Airborne mold spores and other allergens from the crawlspace can result in repiratory or allergic problems. Our mold mitigation process kills the mold but more importantly we resolve the cause … excess humidity or moisture levels. We are NORMI certified mold remediation experts so you can trust us to remove mold and prevent the mold and foul odors they bring. Call us for your FREE problem evaluation.


Is there an unpleasant odor in your Mint Hill residence? Charlotte Crawlspace Solutions is a certified odor removal expert certified by Enviroguard Direct. We are experienced in removing and eliminating any unpleasant odors, such as pet odors, smoke from previous tenants, and other strong scents such as marijuana, skunk, and decomposition. We specialize in residential and commercial structures and guarantee odor elimination. Call us for your FREE problem evaluation and quote.


In the event of Mint Hill calls concerning crawl space or basement water issues, we always evaluate whether any landscaping drainage issues are present. If we discover that the cause of water in a crawlspace or basement is due to poor drainage, there are a few solutions available to address the issue. Providing drainage swails to catch water and direct it away from the foundation is one way. Another solutions is designing yard drainage system to catch and direct the water away from the structure. Additionally, yard landscape trees, bushes, rain gutter size, location of downspouts, clogged rain gutters are just some of the other things we check for to identify causative factors. Do you have a lawn drainage problem? Call us for your FREE evaluation.


If your home in Mint Hill experiences an infestation of mold, termites, or carpenter ants, your wooden floors may become bouncy and squeak, your floors may become unlevel, and you may spot drywall cracking, particularly around doorways. Sometimes your crawl space foundation supports are incorrectly constructed or the ground under the supports sinks. Any of these items need immediate attention that falls under the category of structural repairs. Replacing floor joists, rim joists, adding additional piers or adding steel i-beams to shore up a bouncy floor – that is what we do and do it well! We are your local crawl space structural repair experts, trusted by local engineers complete structural repairs as requested and per plan. Call us to get a FREE problem evaluation and take advantage of our extensive experience and engineering resources.

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