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North Carolina Board of Examiners
for Engineers and Surveyors

Foundation Repair Guidelines

The North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors is providing this document
to serve as an interpretative guide for proper foundation repair with respect to engineering
services to comply with The Engineering and Surveying Licensing Act, G.S. 89C. The variation
in engineering firm organization and services requires that these general guidelines be applied to
the specific facts for each company, taking into account the definition of engineering in G.S.
89C-3(6), the requirement for licensing of business firms in G.S. 89C-24 and the associated
General Statutes for business formation in G.S. 55B (Professional Corporations), and G.S. 57C
(Limited Liability Companies).
The purpose of these guidelines is to assist a Professional Engineer and engineering firm in
complying with the statutes and Board Rules to assure that the public is properly protected
when receiving recommendations for foundation repair and the associated engineering
analysis and recommendations. This starts with the preliminary assessments of foundation
repair services and requires that a Professional Engineer (PE), or an employee of the PE who
is under the direct supervisory control (responsible charge) of the PE, make the preliminary
analysis, recommendations, judgment and calculations as to methods of repair, including
evaluation of the number and location of support piers, continuing through the design of the
repair and the final certification of completion and closeout documentation that certifies
completion in accordance with the plans and specifications. The furnishing of “as-built”
drawings can only be certified by the PE to the extent that the PE, or an employee under the
PE’s responsible charge, verified the field conditions. Otherwise, a disclaimer clearly stating
the source of the field data must be placed on the drawings, such that the client or the
authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) can determine adequacy.
A statement that there is a failure of the foundation, or structural repairs are required, should
only be made by a PE who has evaluated the conditions. If such conditions are suspected by
other than a PE, a referral should be made to a PE. The process requires that a Professional
Engineer (PE) be in responsible charge, as required by Board Rule 21-56.0701(c)(3), of the
repair evaluation, analysis, recommendations and design from the beginning.
The process involves various parties that the PE needs to be aware of to assure that the PE does
not aid and abet, or associate with, companies that are not in compliance with the engineering
practice statutes.

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North Carolina Engineer Foundation Repair Guidelines